Gi.Metal pizzaspaði (12″)


Pizza peel with short handle, ideal for home ovens.
This pizza peel is made of aluminum: a sanitizable material, easy to clean, light and handy.
The handle measures 25 cm only: practical and easy to handle, thanks to its compact size it is ideal for optimizing domestic spaces.
It is made of anodized aluminum, assembled to the head by means of 2 very resistant in-line rivets, which make the peel stable and extremely durable over time.
The shape of the peel is ideal for cooking pizzas up to 33 cm in diameter and the size is designed to be used in traditional electric ovens, gas ovens and domestic wood ovens.
100% Made in Italy

Material and technical info
Material: Anodized aluminum head and handle
Size: 30 x 25 cm / 33 x 25 cm
Maximum dimensions: 55 x 30 cm
Weight: 305g / 495g

Cleaning and maintenance
It is advisable to wash the product by hand with non-aggressive detergents.
Do not wash in the dishwasher.

A line designed for pizza makers who prepare pizza using their home oven and search for tools that facilitate the success of an excellent pizza to be enjoyed with the family. Quality tools, light, easy to handle, without having to give up a refined and pleasant aesthetic.

10 á lager

Brands:: Gi.Metal
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